To be a leading civil aviation agency in the Horn of Africa that provides globally competitive airport facilities and services in safe and secure airports.

To create enabling and sustainable environment through improved infrastructural facilities and efficient manpower to facilitate the civil aviation sector to provide safe and secure air services in all airports in Somaliland.


  • Develop aviation infrastructure, which offer passenger comfort and also efficient facilities for cargo handling, maintenance and repair.
  • Modernization of air traffic control system, automation of air traffic services and navigation systems for efficiency and optimum utilization of the air space.
  • Create a civil aviation and meteorology training and research institute.
  • Enforcement of security and safety regulations at all airports in terms of internationally accepted standards.
  • Develop mechanisms and regulations for protection of passenger rights in case of flight delays/cancellations and overbooking.
  • Promote and install advanced technologies at all airports in Somaliland.